TradeIndicators, an AI based professional stock market, trend screener tool.

TradeIndicators.io is unique stock screener, with 100+ indicators, accessible to all traders and investors. We support all popular technical indicators such as MACD, Stochastic, Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands, and SuperTrend. But in addition to it, we also generate Japanese candlesticks such as Bearish 3 Line Strike, Tasuki Gap, 3 Black Crows, Shooting star, Dark Cloud cover, Morning star, Doji etc. Tools also supports fundamental indicators like EPS, P/E Ratio, ROE, RPS, Dividents, Divident Yields. With this you can now combine multiple indicators and create a new powerful trend indicators.

Most Popular Indicator
MACD Below Crossover + RSI Below Crossover
MACD Above Crossover + RSI Above Crossover
SMA - Golden Cross
SMA - Death Cross
Stoch Bullish Crossover
Stoch Bearish Crossover
MACD Below Crossover + Doji Candlestick
MACD Bullish Crossover
Price Down By Over 20 %
RSI(14) Crossed above 30
RSI(14) Crossed below 70
Triple EMA [9-21-50]
EMA - Death Cross
EMA - Golden Cross
Triple EMA [9-21-50]
Price Down By Over 10% & Volume Up By Over 100%
Price Up By Over 10% & Volume Up By Over 100%
Consecutive Loss - 5 days and more
Consecutive Gain - 5 days and more
Price Up By Over 20 %
52 week high
TRIX Crossed Above 0
TRIX Crossed below 0
More than 25% down from 52 week high
More than 50% down from 52 week high
More than 75% down from 52 week high
More than 90% down from 52 week high
52 week low